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If you are checking us out for the first time you can expect a Spirit filled and Word of Faith church! We meet every Tuesday evening instead of the the traditional weekend service. We are full of young families that are growing our children's ministry.
The best way to know what we're about is to come experience these life changing services yourself!
Dress is always casual and childcare, ages 0-9, is provided!

Pastor David Natali teaches on the subject of faith. We learn how to grow and expand our own faith so that we can access everything Jesus has already done for us at the cross. Expect the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be in operation - such as miracles, healings, words of wisdom and words of knowledge.

These nights are dedicated to sharing our testimonies of the supernatural and spiritual realm. Pastor David Natali and other special guests will share some personal experiences. Expect to be encouraged and strengthened!

Expect teaching on the subject of divine health and healing to stir up your faith.  Pastor David and Jess Natali will lay hands on all of those in need of healing. Expect to be healed of any and all sickness and disease!


We come together on Praise Tuesdays to rejoice and glorify Jesus! Come expecting music, songs, worship and the flow of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Himself has appeared in these services!

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